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Q&A #12

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In the 12th installment of the Q&A for LogicBand Members we discuss everything from updating and backing up Logic, updating the LogicKeyboardNinja Key commands file, Arturia vs Komplete Kontrol keyboards, do you need an audio interface, accessories to make your computing life easier, plus more.

Time Stamps can be found below and in the Youtube description.

Watch Q&A 12 here
All The Member’s Only Q&A’s can be found here

0:00 – Logic being updated to 10.8 and 10.8.1 which fixed a minor accessibility issue between the last Q&A and this one, And how to Handle updates plus knowing when to update. Remember you can back up Logic before updating to a new version or keep multiple versions of Logic on your Mac at the same time.
2:42 – Troubleshooting little issues, like why the library may not show the patches you expect to see or why Command K may not bring up the Musical Typing Keyboard.
4:08 – Pattern Track and The Step Sequencer. An Overview of how it works.
7:24 – Installing an updated LogicKeyboardNinja Key Commands File.
09:02 – Logic Renaming Tracks When Choosing a New Patch from the Library. Shift Return to rename a track and a work around for favorite patches in the library.
12:10 – Saving a template
14:37 – Using Arturia Keyboard to Control Logic and Arturia’s software vs Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol. For more on Komplete Kontrol visit
25:27 – Do you need an audio interface?
26:52 – Saving Channel strip settings. For more on this see this member’s area tutorial.
31:02 – Flexpitch and why the anchor with Locator method wasn’t covered in the tutorial. See the tutorial here.
33:24 – Ways to help figure out the pitch to correct to If you don’t have perfect pitch or aren’t the best keyboard player.
36:41 – Splitting regions and transposing to tune vocals, violins etc. Check out this tutorial to see how
41:41 – If you save a User Patch in the library that uses Komplete Kontrol, can you use that patch in the future without first loading Komplete Kontrol.
48:53 – Are the lessons in the free getting started course available on the YouTube channel as well? To get the free getting started course sign up at
51:09 – A Trick to navigate through the library faster. This is also covered in the aforementioned getting started with Logic Course.
52:48 – Saving the Key Commands list found at as a PDF so you can use it on a braille note taker.
54:27 – Opening GarageBand Projects in Logic. Should work for both Mac GarageBand as well as garageBand for iOs.
55:06 – Saving a Logic Project to your iCloud Folder.
1:00:48 – Logic New Mastering Assistant
1:06:18 – Learning key commands for Finder and MacOS.
1:16:48 – Bluetooth keyboards, Thunderbolt and USB C hubs, etc.
Links to the things discussed at the end of the Q&A are listed below, some of the links below may be affiliate links and a purchase through those links will help support LogicBand. You won’t be charged anything extra but LogicBand may receive a small commission for sending you there to make the purchase.
Apple Bluetooth keyboard With NumberPad and Touch ID – Full sized blue tooth keyboard With number pad and Touch ID.
Logitech MX Keys – Full sized bluetooth keyboard With NumberPad that lets you pair it with up to 3 devices at the same time.
Inexpensive USB C hub – Should be great to connect extra things like Keyboards of the MIDI or typing variety, iLok, etc. If you can, plug everything else into this and connect external hard drives directly to the computer. I hesitate to trust inexpensive hubs like this with external drives.
Thunderbolt 4 hub – Unlike the inexpensive option listed previously, this option is as if your computer added 4 thunderbolt 4 ports and 4 USB A ports.. This one should also handle external drives as if they were connected directly to the computer.
The following gear links are to Zzounds, an online retailer where I’ve been shopping for years. One advantage of Zzounds is they have placement plan options that can bill a debit or credit card you already have, and you won’t have to sign up for a store credit card.
IK MultiMedia Micro Monitors
Audio Technica M50x Headphones
Audio Technica M60x headphones
Audio Technica M30x Headphones
Audio Technica StreamSet (USB version of M50x with a microphone)
Hard case for Audio Technica headphones