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Q&A #13

Posted in Logic, Member's Area, and Q&A's

This 13th installment of the Q&A brings questions about adding reverb to guitar tracks, Komplete Kontrol, MainStage, Keeping it Simple, Learning compression and much more.,
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0:00 – Best practices for adding reverb to guitar tracks in different scenarios.
6:24 – Keeping it simple and fighting the urge to over complicate things.
8:18 – Logic Pro iPad Version and its accessibility.
14:57 – Key Commands File and updating it
18:37 – Logic Remote iPad app vs Control surface or Mapping FootSwitch to control Logic.

25:29 – Using Templates or Alternatives/WorkArounds
32:39 – Splitting your bass into Low and High bass tracks when mixing
37:16 – MainStage
43:00 – Komplete Kontrol And Logic
49:27 – Introducing Miss LB!
58:50 – for tips on using discord.
1:02:19 – Tips To Help With Learning Compression