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Q&A #14

Posted in Logic, Member's Area, and Q&A's

In this 14th installment of the Q&A, we discuss everything from Guitars, Pros & Cons of Logic vs other DAWs, Komplete Kontrol, Drums and Drummer, taking advantage of Logic built in plug ins, sounds and resources, plus lots more.
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0:29 – Learning about Guitars, Strings, Intonation, Set up and etc as a Blind Person
0:17 – drum fill
0:24 – hotkey to find out the playhead location
0:27 – Komplete Kontrol Changing to a different preset
0:37 – how to access plugins in Logic

0:39 – Change Metronome sounds, Key Signatures & Quantizing
0:44 – Glueing Split Regions Back Together
0:47 – moving Regions
0:49 – iPad Logic
0:53 – punching in Cutting off the first Note of the Recording
0:58 – binaural panning
1:06 – Customizing Logic drums
1:18 – paste a project into Discord? How To share Your Projects On Discord
1:22 – Discord tutorials found at
1:27 – Youtube playlist and
1:30 – Sound library Organization & Navigation
1:35 – Troubleshooting Logic Issues and Getting Assistance figuring them out
1:40 – MacOS vs iOS, Pros & Cons?
1:42 – Thanks, + LogicBand, Discord And Youtube Changes for members and Non Members.
1:47 – Who is the girl singing in the tutorials?
1:53 – How did T.O.M get started with Logic, LogicBand and The Member’s Area
2:16 – changing snares, cymbals etc during a Song.
2:23 – Logic Mastering assistant
2:29 – Saving metronome sound and settings as default
2:31 – streaming your Logic Projects via discord
2:35 – Logic, Reaper, Komplete Kontrol
2:44 – Task Management, To Do List, Reminders and Calendars to help you get and stay organized and focus to get more done.
2:46 – The new page and how 1 on 1 training works.
2:50 – Discord On The Mac, Installing and Using.