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Quickly Repeat a section of your Project with Locators – Here’s how using VoiceOver

Posted in Logic


Curious about locators in Apple’s Logic Pro? This tutorial covers one of the things locators can be used for which is repeating a section of your song, and shows how to do it as a VoiceOver Warrior.
This is an excerpt from the “Producing A song in Logic Pro X with VoiceOver”, a free overview of creating a song from scratch found on the YouTube channel.
You can set your Left and Right Locator at the current Playhead position with Command Option Home and Command Option End respectively. Once you have these set you can repeat everything between the locators with Command Option R.
This is just the tip of the iceberg as it relates to how powerful locators are. If you’d love to go in-depth with how useful locators can be for your composition and arranging in Logic Pro, book a one on one session, and we can cover it all!