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Cycle Looping And Repeating – What are the differences And when to use each in Logic Pro With VoiceOver

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If you are an Apple Logic Pro User wondering about the differences or similarities between Cycle, Looping, And Repeating, this screen reader friendly tutorial is here to assist. In addition to covering the differences/similarities, we also discuss when may be an appropriate time to use each. So let’s get into it.

Cycle Mode

Cycle mode is project based and will play back the entirety of a project on a loop or on repeat. So lets say you just want to hear the chorus of a track you are working on while you work out a part for it, you can set the Left and Right Locators at the start and end of the section of the project you want to have repeated and then press “C” to toggle cycle mode on. As you see in the tutorial, this will keep playing whatever section of the project that falls with in the cycle range over and over and over. This can also be used when recording to record multiple takes of a section.


Looping is a region based activity, and pressing “L” allows you to loop the selected region endlessly, or at least to the end of the project, which is determined by the end of the project marker. (See the tutorial to see how to adjust this). However if you want to control how many times a region Loops, you can use the Loop handle found by interacting with the region in the track contents area to adjust this.


Repeating is also region based and allows for doing something similar to looping, but it actually copies and pastes the region next to itself. Thus A) saving you the time of having to do 2 key commands (copy then paste) as it’s just one key command (Command R), and B) allows you to look at a track and see just how many regions are on it/how many times something was repeated. This is handy as while the Looping function will play the region on a loop, checking the length of the region or how many regions are on the track will only show you the initial region that was looped.
You can also combine Locators with the Repeat function. Check out this tutorial to see how.
All of these tools are helpful ways to quickly extend ideas for a few more bars or move ideas around a project to help build out a production. If you want to go deep on more ways to utilize these tools, visit the training page and drop me a line so we can work together on efficient ways to build out a song or other production.