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QuickTip: Use This Trick To Record To Multiple Tracks At The Same Time In Logic Pro With VoiceOver

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As a blind user of Apple’s Logic Pro, you may have realized that record enabling multiple tracks, in order to record to them all at the same time may not read reliably with VoiceOver, but as it turns out there is a work around that actually makes recording to multiple tracks a lot smoother and easier. This tutorial will dive into the easy way to record to more than one track at a time in Logic using VoiceOver, the screen reader built into MacOS. The best part is this trick will work for both audio and MIDI/Software Instrument tracks.
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So what’s this trick? Its called track stacks . Once you have the tracks you want to record on selected, you can press Command Shift G to put them into a track stack. This allows you to record to the track stack when you want to utilize the sounds of all the individual tracks. However you can still open up the track stack and still work with the individual tracks independently as you could before as well.
Also while the tutorial demonstrates this with a software instrument track, one can use this for audio tracks as well. The difference here with audio tracks is that the regions will still be on the individual tracks. So this is how you can record from multiple inputs on your interface at once. Even if it’s not stuff you would want to keep in the same track stack, as you can always flatten the track stack after you are done recording.
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