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Removing Tracks from a Track Stack or Undoing A TrackStack Explained With VoiceOver

Posted in effects, and Logic

If you are a blind or visually impaired Logic Pro X user who wants to know how to add or remove tracks from a Track Stack, or How to get rid of a Track Stack and return to just the individual tracks you had prior to putting them in a Track Stack, this screen reader friendly tutorial using VoiceOver is for you. If you are new to Track Stacks and would like to see how to create them then check out this tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll go over the ways to remove a track from a Track Stack. This is accomplished using VoiceOver’s drag and drop functionality. This tutorial also will cover how to select multiple tracks at once so you can drag them in and out of a Track Stack at the same time without having to do it one by one.
In addition as stated before, the tutorial also covers how to undo the Track Stack, or Flatten the Track Stack as Logic Refers to it. This gets rid of the Track Stack and puts the tracks that were in the Track Stack back to being individual tracks, and you can accomplish this with the key command Command Shift U.

This however is just the tip of the iceberg and the simplest way you can utilize Track Stacks in Logic. If you want to dive deep into how powerful both Folder or Summing Stacks are and how you can best take advantage of them in your projects, book a one on one training session and lets crack open one of your projects and get you organized like a pro to make your production or mixing life easier.