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The Inspector in Logic Pro 10.7.5 And Moving By Transient Now Improved For Blind Users With VoiceOver!

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As we continue our look at the new features in Logic Pro 10.7.5, this time out we’ll look at how the Inspector now works with VoiceOver and that you can now move by transient and have the screen reader announce the playhead position.
If you haven’t updated to the new version of Logic yet, then be sure to back up the current version first.
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First up, we’ll not only look at how the inspector was returned to its former glory, but how its been improved in some ways. Now it appears that in addition to the values of sliders speaking correctly, it also appears that VO Arrow keys move you in large increments and VO Shift Arrow keys move you in small increments consistently no matter which parameter’s sliders you are adjusting in the inspector. While this does change the values that the fade in and out sliders move by, if you want to move those sliders in even smaller amounts like you may have to do when doing a crossfade or doing certain edits, you can simulate a double click with VO Shift Spacebar twice and type in a value like 20 or 100.
The Next thing we’ll Look at is that If you need to move by transients to do small edits, VoiceOver now speaks the playhead position.
To move forward and back by transient use the key command Control period, and Control comma respectively.
In our next installment of what’s new in Logic Pro 10.7.5, we’ll look at a new way to edit with the locators and some of the new Mastering presets to help your beats knock harder.
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