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What’s New With Locators For Blind Users And Using Presets To Make Your Beats Knock With VoiceOver!

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As we conclude the What’s new In Apple’s Logic Pro 10.7.5 series, we will take a look at a new option in the Keyboard Ninja’s editing toolbox using Locators, and the new presets for the Stereo Output track in Logic designed to make your beats hit harder.
If you haven’t updated to the new version of Logic yet, then be sure to back up the current version first.
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The first thing we’ll cover is that there are 2 new key commands to delete between Locators. Also new to this update is that VoiceOver will now speak when you set a Left and Right Locator.
Once you have said left and Right Locators set, you now have a key command to delete everything between the Locators on the selected track (Control Option Shift Forward Delete) and delete everything between the Locators across all the tracks in the project (Control Command Forward Delete). If you are on a Laptop keep in mind that you will want to press FN and the Delete or BackSpace key, if on a full sized keyboard, Forward Delete is what the Mac refers to the delete key which is usually under the insert/FN key and to the left of the end key.
The last thing we’ll look at for this series is the new mastering effects. These are intended for hip-hop and geared towards making your beats Knock as the name implies. There are two ways to get to these presets. The first Method is to put the Master or Stereo output track in the track headers with Command Shift M. Once you do this, you can then browse for these presets the way you would any other patches in the library. In the tutorial we use the new Search Patch feature to find them in the Library. Alternatively if you go into the mixer and into the Stereo Output Channel strip, then you can find the presets by navigating to the Settings button, Vo Space on it, , and look under the Factory sub menu.
There are a lot more features in Logic Pro 10.7.5 like improved Smart Tempo, built in support for importing 32 bit files, and pedalboard stomp boxes are now available as their own plug ins, among others. Got any questions about these new features, or want to see other new features covered in their own tutorial, let me know and it may get answered on a future FAQs & Logic.