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This Plug In Tightly Syncs Up All Your Vocals – Using VocAlLign Project 5 In Logic Pro for Blind Users With VoiceOver

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If you record backing Vocals, doubles or harmonies for your Productions, getting them to sound super tight and in sync with each other can be a challenge. While you will still want to perform as well and as tight as you can naturally, VocAlign Project 5 is the plug in that can help get you the rest of the way to the extremely time aligned vocal sound you hear in modern commercially released songs. This isn’t limited to pop music, but pretty much any modern genre that has vocals in it. Izzie G returns to to show off how it’s been utilized in his work lately, and in this tutorial, he takes us through how he whips the vocals in an old project into shape.
For this tutorial, you’ll need to be familiar with VOCR and running Logic Pro in rosetta mode.
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TO use VocAlign Project, you should be familiar with some terms. The Guide Track is the track you want to time align all the other vocal tracks to. This is usually the main vocal track. The dub track is the track or tracks you want to have sync up or time aligned to the guide track.
VocAlign Project works by first instantiating the ARA version of the plug in on all the tracks in the project you want to have time aligned. On the Guide track, open up the plug in, and you will want to tell it this is the guide track by hitting the capture button under Guide. Remember you will want to start and stop playback before hitting the capture button.
Then on each of the dub tracks, you will want to do a similar process but this time you will want the capture option under Dub. The capture process is actually grabbing the region out of the Logic Project and importing it into the plug in so it can time align it to the other regions it has captured an analyzed.
Once the process is done, if you want to remove the VocAlign Project from the track, you will first need to bounce it in place in order to keep the settings of the plug in. Also, remember, you don’t want to have cycle mode enabled while capturing the audio regions.
VocAlign Project is intended for vocals but you could experiment with it on other sources as well. Got any follow up questions? Let me know, and maybe they will end up on a future installment of FAQs & Logic.