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QuickTip: Use Cycle Mode in Logic Like A Pro For Blind Users With VoiceOver

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If you thought all there was to Cycle is Setting your Left and Right Locators and Pressing C, then this screen reader friendly tutorial is here to introduce you to how else you can take advantage of Cycle Mode in Apple’s Logic Pro while using VoiceOver. Remember you will need to have the Logic Keyboard Ninja key commands installed to take advantage of the key commands utilized in this tutorial.
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When you are done with this tutorial, if you want to go deeper and clear up any confusion between the difference of Cycle, Looping, and Repeating, then check out this tutorial.

Key Commands

  • Set Left Locator – Option Command Left Bracket
  • Set Right Locator – Option Command Right Bracket
  • Toggle Cycle Mode On/Off – C
  • Set Locators/Loop by Region and Enable Cycle – Command U
  • Move Locators Forward by Cycle Length – Shift Command Period
  • Move Locators Backwards by Cycle Length – Shift Command Comma
  • Move Locators Forward by 1 Bar – Option Command Period
  • Move Locators Backward by 1 Bar – Option Command Comma
  • Double Cycle Length – Option Shift Command Period
  • Halve Cycle Length – Option Shift Command Comma