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Tips & Tricks for Working In the Piano Roll Or Event List Quickly

Posted in Beat Making, Editing, Logic, and Member's Area

If you are familiar with working with the Event List or the Piano Roll Then this tutorial will help move things along with some more advanced key commands to allow you to work quickly in either window in Logic Pro.
The scenario for this tutorial is, say you want to blend in another snare with a drum kit that’s already in use to enhance the sound of it. When you copy over the MIDI regions to the new software instrument track that you have the new drum instrument on, you will want to only have the MIDI notes that trigger the snare sound on that track. We can open the event list or Piano Roll and quickly remove all the notes except for the one we want with one key command. This would work for any other part of the drum you want to do this with, such as kicks, toms, etc.. We’ll also discuss ways to select all notes of the same value, and delete all notes of the same value as well.
Any questions, lets discuss in the comments.

Check out the tutorial here