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Using a Filter Sweep to Demonstrate How To Automate an FX Parameter in Logic Pro With VoiceOver

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If you are a blind or visually impaired Logic Pro user wondering how to automate an effects parameter, then this screen reader friendly tutorial has got you covered. Using Logic’s Channel EQ, this tutorial demonstrates how to do a filter sweep with VoiceOver using both one and two automation points.
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Keep in mind, to automate effects parameters, we’ll be using one automation point for visible parameter (Control Command 5), and two automation points for visible parameter (Control Command 6).
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these key commands rely on having the LogicKeyboardNinja key command file found at installed.
So in this example, the idea is to do a filter sweep from about 200Hz to 20,000Hz using the Logic Channel EQ. However in this instance, the hi cut filter which we’ll use for this filter sweep starts at 20,000Hz, and if we use two automation points to snap the frequency from 20,000Hz to 200Hz right where the audio begins, we’ll hear a click.
So to combat this, the frequency is snapped to just below 200Hz right before bar 41, which is where the audio region to be affected by the filter sweep begins. As we are snapping the frequency from 20,000Hz to 200Hz, we’ll be using two automation points. The key command in this case is Control Command 6 for two automation points for visible parameter.
Once the Value is set to just below 200Hz, you can then set it to slowly sweep back towards 20,000Hz by placing one automation point for visible parameter where you would like it to reach that value, in this case bar 49, using key command Control Command 5.
And if you would really like it to be specific and start at 200Hz at bar 41, you can set another single automation point at bar 41 as well with the frequency set to 200Hz.
Hopefully this tutorial has got you thinking about how powerful automation can be. If you end up using this on a project, tag Logic.Band on twitter or Facebook and show off what you’ve been working on.
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