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Working With Someone Using a Different DAW? Exporting Each Track As it’s Own File Is The Best Way To Share Your Logic Project – Here Is All The Details!

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If you are working with someone using Pro Tools, Reaper, Samplitude,Cubase or any other DAW, exporting each track in the project is the sure fire way to make sure someone else is able to get all the same tracks into their DAW that you have in Logic. This tutorial goes through all the options in the export dialog along with what you need to be aware of, and why you may want to select all tracks and use the export selected tracks command instead of the export all tracks command..
Let me know if you’ve got any questions in the comments, or bring them to the next Q&A so we can discuss them in detail.

Watch the tutorial here)

The Tutorial starts out in a project with a Multi Out Drum kit, bass and a guitar track stack. The key command needed to export each track as their own Wav or AIFF file is Command Shift E. Once this dialog pops up you will want to first choose where you are saving it. The tutorial then goes through to explain all the different options in the export dialog.
While this is a quick way to bounce out all the files in the project, if you have a multi out software instrument in the project (a prime example of this is the Logic Pro Producer kit), then you will only end up with the track stack which is a stereo mix of all the drums. However if you are sending the project off to a producer or mixing engineer, they may want to have all the individual drum tracks instead. So in the tutorial we then take a look at how you can export them as individual tracks.
Lastly, the tutorial discusses which files you may want to remove from the folder