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QuickFAQ: Logic Pro’s Match EQ – Here is How To Use It!

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If you have ever been curious about Logic Pro’s Match EQ, this tutorial has got you covered. This tool allows you to take the tonality of a source and apply it to another. In a mixing or mastering concept it can be useful for tone allining and matching to get one thing to sound somewhat closer to another. Also useful when you have two dialog or spoken word tracks that sound different and you need them to sound similar like they may have been from the same take or the same day etc. The Match EQ is one of the options under the EQ category when adding an effect to a track in Logic Pro.
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The tutorial is Here

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  1. BeamMeUpScottie

    Great explanation, and as important, examples of where it is useful. I’m going to experiment with it and try it on some sounds I want to sound like they’re part of the same instrument.

    August 11, 2023

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