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QuickTip: Updated Logic Recently – Here’s How TO Update Your Sound Library Content For Blind Users With VoiceOver

Posted in Logic, and QuickTip

A lot of times when Logic is updated, so is the sound content, and this screen reader friendly tutorial walks a visually impaired user through how to update it using VoiceOver.
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When you launch a new version of Logic Pro for the first time, if there is an update to the sound library content of loops etc., you will be prompted to download it. But what if you skip by this prompt to quickly get back to work on a project in that moment? Well you can download it whenever you are ready.
To do so you will need to go to the Logic Menu > Sound Library > Download all available sounds. However if you want to manage them and choose which sounds to download, then visit Logic menu > Sound Library > Open Sound Library Manager. It’s this latter window that the tutorial focuses on.