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Q&A #7

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Topics discussed are mentioned below. You can also check out a playlist of all Q&A’s here. Leave any questions in the comments.

Check out Q&A 7 here

This Q&A starts out with a member who had recently taken advantage of the Summer of sounds sale to upgrade their Komplete Kontrol setup and was now trying to figure out how to authorize their Plug in Alliance plug ins.
I explained that the process entails adding one of the plug in alliance plug ins to a track in Logic Pro, switching it from controls view to CoCo audio view, and using VOCR to OCR the window to find the activation button. Once you find the activation button, you can click on it with VO Shift space twice quickly and you will get a window where you can sign into your plug in alliance account to authorize the plug ins. The plug in alliance plug ins won’t pass audio till they are authorized.
Next up, we tackle setting a custom tempo. In this case we are talking about a tempo like 112.354. To be able to do this in the control bar group, navigate to the display pop up button and set it to custom. Then when you navigate to the tempo, also found in the control bar group, you will notice it’s now displayed as 120.000. If you double click with VO Shift Space twice quickly, you can then type in a new tempo like 112.354.
Continuing the discussion around tempo, We then discuss how to take a song that you analyzed and found it has multiple tempos throughout the song, locking it down to just a single tempo. I explain this involves turning on flextime for the track in question, then opening the tempo list (Shift Option T) and press command A, then delete to get rid of all the tempo changes. It will keep the first tempo throughout the piece now. Also since you have flextime on, you can go ahead and adjust that tempo to whatever you want it to be as well.
This is covered in this tutorial, and also this tutorial.
Up next, we discuss adding a fill prior to where a drummer region starts. In the example we use, the drummer region comes in at bar 5. Lets say you want to have a fill leading in at around bar 4 beat 3. For this we put the cursor at bar 4 and add a new drummer region to the track with Command Option Control Shift D. Once that drummer region is added to the track, we trim it to start at bar 4 beat 3 by moving the playhead to that position and pressing Command Left bracket. Once we have the region from bar 4 beat 3 to bar 5 and select it, we can go into the drummer editor fills area and adjust the fill to something appropriate to the track.
We then discuss ways to adjust the tempo manually should you not want to use adapt tempo or Detect Tempo and prefer to do it by ear. After this we discuss why you may want to turn off your interface’s direct monitoring and use Input monitoring in Logic, along with how to do it on a Scarlett 2i2. This continues on to a discussion about mono and stereo and when each may be appropriate.
After that, we discuss Logic Ease.
We then discuss Multi Outs, what it all means and why you would want to use it.
We then circle back to VOCR and how to have it start automatically when you turn on your Mac.
We then continue on with a discussion of How useful VOCR is when used with in the Komplete Kontrol stand alone app, and in general what scenarios VOCR is useful in vs ones where it may not help you much.
We then discuss whether there is a way to access Komplete Kontrol libraries and presets through the Logic Library, and how to know what Komplete Kontrol Libraries are accessible.
The Conversation then turns to the logic course that’s in the works, and should be available by the end of the month. From there we go on to discuss some differences between drummer and Software Instrument drum tracks and how to go about getting some one on one training.
We wrap up the Q&A with a conversation about Logic on the iPad, followed up with a discussion on mastering, levels and limiters. We also discuss finding your sound and developing your taste and confidence in what you want.
Got any questions, leave them in the comments below. Want to go deeper on any of these topics, remember as a member you get a discount on the hourly rate of one on one training


  1. Jhomme1028

    Have you considered taking the answers you give in the Q&A sessions and making short tutorials out of them?

    July 22, 2023
    • TheOreoMonster

      it’s like you are reading my mind or something. lol. That’s in the works. Just a lot of other stuff going on at the same time, but those will start rolling out soon.

      July 22, 2023
  2. Jhomme1028

    I’m inspired by the notion of member contributed tutorials. That’s why I was asking about how to record myself talking and playing on Mac. When I feel comfortable with all the features, I’d like to make a short series on the Logic ES2 synthesizer.

    August 1, 2023
    • TheOreoMonster

      That would be great and does sound like you are enjoying the journey of ES2 as well. Keep me posted.

      August 1, 2023

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