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The Right Way TO add Komplete Kontrol or Other 3rd Party Soft Synths To a Track in Logic Pro!

Posted in effects, and Logic

If using a lot of third party software synths in Logic Pro, check out this tutorial to see why you may want to reset the channel strip to make it Kompletely blank so you can take full Kontrol of it. To make it easy and avoid missing this important step, grab a copy of the LogicKeyboardNinja key commands file as there is a key command for it. So if you haven’t yet, you may want to install it.
For more on Sends, Aux and Busses, what they mean and how to use them, check out the module in the free Getting Started With Logic Course. If you don’t yet have a copy grab it when you sign up for the mailing list. If this tutorial sparks any questions, ask it here. You can also become a LogicBand Member to gain access to exclusive in depth tutorials, a discount on training and more.

If you use Command Option S to add a new software instrument track to your project, then this tutorial covers why you may want to reset the channel strip with Command Option Return before adding another Software Synth to it. It also discusses how you can avoid having to worry about this if you use Command Option N to set a default instrument. This is especially useful if you always start with a specific synth or use one in particular the great majority of the time.
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