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Using Logic Pro’s Pitch Correction Plug IN With VoiceOver & Comparing to Waves Tune Real-Time & AutoTune Access

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If you are a blind musician or producer using Apple’s Logic Pro who has been curious about how the Pitch Correction Plug-in works and how it compares to some third party plug-in options, this screen reader friendly tutorial is for you. This covers how to use the built in Logic Pitch Correction Plug-in and then covers 2 alternatives, Waves Tune Real-Time and Autotune Access, all with VoiceOver, the built in screen reader on MacOS.
If you are looking for a tutorial on Flex Pitch in Logic with Voiceover, check out this tutorial. There are also tutorials on tuning vocals without any plug ins, which is an also covered in FAQ’s & Logic #5.
You can also play in the corrected pitches with a MIDI keyboard or the Musical Typing Keyboard using Waves Tune Real-Time, also covered in FAQ’s & Logic #6, and using Auto-Tune.
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Things to be aware of

Waves. Tune Real-Time is the only accessible option of the Waves Tune series of plug in’s at this time. Waves Tune, or Waves Tune LT are not accessible. While at the time of this writing around Black Friday, Waves Tune Real-Time is on sale for $29, that may not always be the sale price. However Waves is pretty much never not running a sale so you will rarely if ever see it for full price, it may just not always be a sale price of $29.
AutoTune Access on the other hand is usually $99 and doesn’t go on sale as much as the Waves Plug-in does, so if you like it, try to grab it while on sale if you can. The other option is AutoTune Unlimited which is a subscription that offers all the versions of Autotune, and All the AVox plug-ins (which includes Harmony Engine and other vocal FX like a compressor and De-esser, as well as Mutator) along with some other cool things like their Vocoder and Vocal sampler for one monthly or yearly subscription price. The yearly subscription is on sale at the moment.
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