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QuickTip: The Different ways To Add An effect To A Track In Logic Pro With VoiceOver

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If you are a new blind user of Apple’s Logic Pro, and want to see how to add an effect to a track, this tutorial is for you. It covers the different ways to add an effect to a track with VoiceOver, the screen reader built into MacOS for the visually impaired. There is also this more in depth tutorial that covers using patches in the library as well.
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There are generally two different ways to add an effect to a track in Logic Pro. One method involves jumping into the mixer with Command 2. You can also press X to open the mixer in it’s own tab in the Main Window, but I don’t find this as efficient. This is because when using Command 2, the mixer will open in it’s own window, with the selected channel strip in focus. When using the letter X to open the mixer you will still need to first navigate to the mixer tab, then navigate to the channel strip you want to add an effect to. Even If you set a VoiceOver HotSpot to navigate to the mixer’s tab, you will still need to navigate to the channel strip.
The Other option is using the inspector. This may seem a bit slower at first but once in the channel strip in the inspector,one can use the up and down arrows to navigate to other tracks with out leaving the inspector as demonstrated in the tutorial.
And Also, as stated there is this more in-depth tutorial that also covers using patches in the library.