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Are These The Best Stock Delays Ever? Lets Check Out the Logic Pro Delays With VoiceOver!

Posted in effects, GarageBand, and Logic

If you have ever been curious about delays in Apple’s Logic Pro, from the subtle to the creative, then this tutorial will get you started. This time out we’ll cover the parameters for taking advantage of any delay plug in, while demonstrating the differences between Logic’s Tape Delay and Stereo Delay in sound. And best of all, it’s walking through the delay plug ins with VoiceOver, the built in screen reader on MacOS for the blind and visually impaired.
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If you need to see how to add an effect like the Tape or Stereo Delay to a track, check out this tutorial. There is also this more in-depth tutorial.
In This delay oriented tutorial, we’ll discuss the differences between the tape delay (it can sound more colored) and the Stereo Delay (the more pristine of the two), and cover the 4 parameters that will assist one in making the most of any delay plug in just about.
We start out discussing feedback, which controls the amount of echos or repeats; Time, which gives control over how long it is before the signal repeats itself; Mix to balance the blend of the unaffected and the delayed signal, and the EQ filters to help further blend the delays in with the dry signal. The latter two are especially useful if you are attempting a more subtle effect.
Time wise, we’ll cover using musical time (I.e 1/16th note, 1/4th note etc.) and non musical time, or milliseconds. We’ll wrap up with showing how the feedback can exaggerate or help make the delays subtle, and a discussion of how to get wider more stereo sounding delays as opposed to mono or more mono sounding ones. This also includes a look at the Stereo Delay plug in and how it differs from the Tape Delay.
If you would like to see how to automate an effect parameter like the freeze parameter in the tape delay, this automation tutorial will be helpful. Also, I’ll be sending out some presets and an explanation of dual mono for the tape delay to the mailing list so sign up if you haven’t already, and in the meantime you’ll receive a Getting Started with Logic Course for free.