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Month: March 2022

FAQS & Logic #3 – Normalizing, Reference Tracks and More Plus An Update On Changing Plugin Parameters

Curious about Flex Pitch?, Want to see a quick way to change the tempo? Curious about how to use a reference track? These are just…

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Using Ozone Master Assistant In Logic Pro As A Blind Person With VoiceOver

If you have ever been curious about how to use the Ozone Master Assistant in Logic Pro as a blind user, then this tutorial has…

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How I’ve been Recording Guitars Lately, Checking Out the Apogee Jam+ Audio Interface For Guitar!

For sometime now I’ve been considering building a guitar rig using MainStage. I thought it would make a great accessible alternative to rival a stand…

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QuickTip: How to Share Your Logic Pro Project Using VoiceOver

If you’d like to share your project with another Logic Pro user and you are blind using VoiceOver on MacOS, this QuickTip tutorial explains all.…

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