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Finding The Tempo For A Full Length Song, Beat Or Instrumental

Posted in Beat Making, Editing, Logic, and Member's Area

Check out the tutorial here

Ever gotten a beat you want to rap over or an instrumental you want to sing to, but the tempo is just a little slower or faster than you’d like? If the tempo info isn’t available with the file, then this tutorial will show you how you can change the tempo of a full length song, beat, or instrumental in Logic Pro as a VoiceOver User.
If you have a beat or instrumental that includes its tempo in the file name, then import it into a project already set to that tempo, and then turn on flextime for that track, then you should be able to adjust the tempo.
See this tutorial if you are curious what happens if you try to use detect tempo on a short loop etc. Also check out these tutorials to see how to find the tempo for a loop in a MIDI project, audio project, or a blank project. You can also create your own Apple Loops too.
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