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Month: January 2022

Virtual Extended Keyboard – Gain Access To A NumPad and Function Keys On A Laptop With A TouchBar!

If you are a laptop user, and don’t have a full sized extended keyboard or don’t want to travel with one, the Virtual Extended Keyboard…

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FAQS & Logic #1 – Record WithOut the Metronome and Find the Tempo – Stereo Out Vs Master Plus More!

Ever wondered how to change the tone or pattern of the metronome? What about recording without it and finding the tempo after? These are just…

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4 Tips to make recording yourself go Smoother while Using Logic Pro With VoiceOver

Ever gotten annoyed or frustrated when recording yourself? This tutorial will cover 4 things you can do to ease the stress when you are both…

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QuickTip: Plug ins Giving You Issues? How To Reset And Rescan Plug Ins IN Logic Pro With VoiceOver

If you have ever had a plug in not show up in the list of available plug ins after installing it, or a plug in…

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