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Month: February 2022

New To MacOS? This VoiceOver Setting May Help You Get Comfortable With The Keyboard Layout Faster!!

While VO+K is useful for learning the Mac’s keyboard, this VoiceOver setting will assist in keeping you on track while using the keyboard, ensuring that…

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FAQS & Logic #2 – Changing the Metronome Sounds, Using Multiple MIDI Keyboards Plus More!

Want to change the sound of the metronome? Is there a faster way to change plug in parameters other than VO and arrow keys? Can…

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Everything You need to Know to Get Started with Reverb in Logic Pro with VoiceOver

Ever wondered where to begin to get a professional reverb on the tracks you are working on in Apple’s Logic Pro? Well in this tutorial…

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QuickTip: Use This Trick To Record To Multiple Tracks At The Same Time In Logic Pro With VoiceOver

As a blind user of Apple’s Logic Pro, you may have realized that record enabling multiple tracks, in order to record to them all at…

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