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Month: September 2021

QuickTip: Repeating Regions – A Handy Tool when Building A Track – Here’s How With VoiceOver!

Starting a new track in Logic and want to get that drum beat you started with to repeat for the entire project? Wish you could…

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Edit Your MIDI quickly With The Piano Roll in Logic – Here’s How With VoiceOver!

If you have been curious about the Piano Roll in Logic Pro as a blind or visually impaired producer, this screen reader tutorial gets you…

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Ever Wondered How to do those Snare or Hi-Hat Rolls? Intro to Logic’s Note Repeater with VoiceOver!

Curious about how to get those snare and hi-hat rolls heard in various styles of electronic music as a blind or visually impaired producer in…

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Recorded Your MIDI Drums on Multiple Tracks? Here’s how to Merge 2 or More MIDI Tracks into One

Ever created multiple drum tracks while laying down the groove? One for kick and snare, another for the hats and cymbals and another for fills…

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